We don't often do sales. We consider ourselves very lucky to have such a loyal audience who love our collections, and so many of them sell-out on launch day meaning we don't carry a lot of leftover stock at our warehouse. 

When we work with our suppliers to produce new products, we use sales data from previous collections to inform the total quantity of stock we order across each style, colour and size. After each launch, we review and use this to inform future orders so that our ratios get better each time. The quantity we predict we need to order varies from product to product and season to season, and is especially difficult to predict as a new brand. It is more sustainable and viable for us as a business to get this right - to predict as accurately as possible how much stock we need for each collection, to ensure you guys don’t miss out on the products you want, and to avoid any excess stock. Unfortunately though, it’s an art and not a science, so it doesn’t always work! 

We have developed a small number of products that, unfortunately, didn't sell as well as expected and we therefore sometimes need a solution to help find these products a good home, such as launching an end-of-season sale, a free gift with purchase (we will always try and give you the option to ‘opt out’ to avoid waste) or promos like 3 for 2.


At the end of 2020, we introduced the concept of our Sustaina-Sale, a sale of unsold seasonal stock offered at a discount. The high price drop on sale products meant we sold several of these items at a loss to the business (e.g. it was more expensive for us to sell these items than to not sell them at all!), but this was a compromise we made as a brand to stay true to our values and to avoid sending any products to landfill. It’s also an opportunity for a new audience to be introduced to sustainable styles at an even more accessible price point

We still want you to only shop for what you need - it’s so tempting to be taken in by discounts and purchase on an impulse, but please always ask yourself why before you buy. Fashion is the second biggest polluting industry after oil, with 1.2bn tonnes of carbon emissions produced by the global fashion industry every year – this is more than the emissions of international flights and maritime shipping combined! At the current rate of consumption, textile production will account for 25% of all global carbon emissions by 2050, so remember this the next time you’re considering making a purchase. 


We created our TALA Pledge to ensure any sales or offers we do never jeopardise who we are as a brand. You can find out more here, and if you have any more questions or suggestions for us, please contact us at hello@wearetala.com - we’d love to hear from you!