We care about how our products are made, and are proud to source materials from all around the world to get the best available to us, and to make amazing pieces for you. This means that we work with a number of different factories, depending on what we’re making, and how it’s made.

When it comes to choosing where we make our next range we look at a number of different factors - materials, price, labour practises and the environmental work of the factories. We recognise our responsibility to the people involved in the production of our garments, including those we both directly and indirectly employ. We know you can’t be sustainable without being ethical too, and care deeply about the ethics of our supply chain.

Here is a list of our factory locations and the accreditations they hold -


We’ve worked with our partner factories in Portugal since the very beginning of TALA. They produce several of our best-selling products including the Zinnia and Luna leggings. The companies that we work with in Portugal have been audited by SEDEX. The SEDEX audit is based on site visits, policy reviews and interviews with the teams. It focuses on health and safety, labour, environment, and business ethics. 

The fabrics we use and the production methods in the factories have been accredited by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This independent certification looks at the entire textile supply chain, ensuring organic fibres are used and certain nasty chemicals banned. There is also a focus on waste reduction and checks on the working conditions. The fabrics are accredited by the Global Recycling Standard (GRS) to verify their recycled content and chain of custody and OEKO-TEX, meaning that no harmful substances are used in the making of these clothes. We truly care about where all of our products are made and continue to work closely with our factory partners.

Check out our videos of our Portugal factory -


What products they create for TALA: CORE, CORE COLOURS, LUNA, ONDA, FLARE, RUN, WAVE, SOL, PIPE DREAM, REC, IVY, NOVA, VENUS, ZAE, LAZE and all seamless and underwear. 

First worked with TALA: 2019


Our factory in Turkey manufacturers products including our Zae tops and Fuse tennis skirts. They meet all Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) requirements, covering source materials, manufacturing quality, labour, and working conditions. BSCI provides a system to help companies improve conditions in their supply chain, such as ensuring no child labour and that fair wages are paid to the teams manufacturing the products. We want to ensure all of our factories are taking steps to improve the working conditions for their teams and are reducing their impact on the environment. 

What products they create for TALA: ZAE, COSY, FUSE skirt and LAZE

First worked with TALA: 2020


We manufacture a select number of products via our Hong Kong supplier at factories in the Shanghai region of China. All of the factories are regularly audited to keep track of and ensure ethical manufacturing processes, wages, working hours and other labour practises. They have achieved various accreditations certifying lawful, ethical and humane manufacturing processes such as BSCI or WRAP, which also ensures compliance with environmental standards. 

What products they create for TALA: SkinLuxe™, Fibre Filter bags

First worked with TALA: Accessories 2019, Clothing 2020

Our DayFlex collection is produced by our ethical production partner based in China, specialists in manufacturing yoga and activewear, who are SMETA audited. The DayFlex fabric is sourced from an OEKO-TEX and GRS certified mill.

What products they create for TALA: DayFlex, 365

In China, Turkey and Portugal we have local independent teams on the ground who ensure compliance to our high standards, and we’re working to improve these standards in line with best practice international standards protecting the integrity of workers’ conditions and wages. 


TALA's 100% recycled polyester face coverings are produced at a small family run factory in Italy. The products are certified by the Global Recycling Standard (GRS), a third-party environmental standard measuring not only the recycled content of the products produced, but also the traceability of the materials, compliance with waste water standards and compliance with various social criteria, such as workers' rights. We have a close relationship with the factory and their 19 employees, which is important to maintain trust and make progress together. The fabrics used in the face coverings are certified by the GRS, and the HeiQ Viroblock treatment is OEKO-TEX, ZDHC and Bluesign certified, meaning that in its production, the use of any harmful substances is minimised and harmful waste is prevented from getting into local waterways and ecosystems. These are some of the top certifications when it comes to minimising environmental impact, and protects the environment, our workers and our customers.

First worked with TALA: Accessories 2021


We wanted to find the perfect partner for our first outerwear collection, SZN, and our sustainable and ethical factory in Vietnam ticked all the boxes. They are an industry-leading outerwear manufacturer with supply chain transparency and traceability, and the ability to create 100% recycled outerwear that still delivers on warmth and style. The factory is powered by solar panels which produce more energy than the factory requires to operate, so excess energy is supplied to the Vietnamese government. The factory supports all workers and the local community via coaching schemes, learning and development programs, charitable donations and providing Covid-19 support. The factory is ISO 9001, GSV, RDS, RCS and GRS certified, and received zero non-compliances in their recent audit (this is extremely rare and very impressive!). 

First worked with TALA: October 2021