In today’s TALA talks @harrietemilyprior shares the notes to remind yourself when your body confidence is feeling low.

Learning to love your body is a lifelong task. Even if you feel totally comfortable in your own skin, you likely still catch yourself getting lost in negative thoughts from time to time whilst looking in the mirror. In this article, we share the notes you need to remind yourself for a body confidence boost on the path to becoming your best self.

Would you talk to a friend like that? Unless you’re a bad (or just brutally honest) friend, you would not dream of criticising someone else’s body. Treat yourself like you would a friend and remember that 99.9% of the time, other people will neither notice nor remotely care about the things you feel conscious of.

Remember all your body does for you: It’s time to switch up your thinking and start concentrating on all your body does for you. Thank your legs for carrying you around all day and getting you to where you want to be, your arms for being able to lift things and your tummy for protecting your insides. The things your body does for you each day without you knowing anything about it are quite literally incredible. 

Nobody is flawless: Despite what Instagram might tell you, quite literally everyone has stretch marks, cellulite, spots, and wobbly bits. They most definitely aren’t flaws, but just part of what makes you human.

Numbers don’t define you: We are too often taught to focus so much on numbers, whether it’s calories in food, pounds on the scale, likes on a photo or dress sizes. Please remember that numbers absolutely do not define you. You are made of love, friendship, smiles, creativity and memories. We have much more substance than numbers.

It’s where your body wants to be: Those few extra pounds are the place where your body naturally wants to be. That’s your spontaneity, your takeaway on the weekend, your popcorn shared with friends and cocktails on a Friday night. In short, your freedom and happiness in life.

Life is too short: Trust me, you don’t want to look back in 40 years and think ‘why on earth did I not eat that dessert?’ Life really does fly by, so please try and enjoy it rather than wasting time fixating on your weight and how you look. It does not define you, and choosing to meet your friends rather than going to the gym now and then is absolutely acceptable.

Finally, individuality is what makes you beautiful and unique. No one is like you, and that truly is your superpower.