What are the Shipping options?

UK - Tracked - £4.99

EU regular - £5.99
EU tracked - £9.99

Global regular - £7.99
Global tracked - £13.99 

How long with my parcel take to get to me?

Delivery is available globally and after 5 business days processing we will allow:

UK - 3-7 business days

Europe - 5-9 business days

Global - 10-14 business days

Where is my order? Please check your order confirmation email. This will tell you how long your order should take. If you have selected tracking then you will also receive a tracking reference which you can use to monitor the delivery.

I haven’t received a confirmation email and I placed my order over 24 hours ago, what shall I do? Please email customer service at and they will be able to help.

My tracking number isn’t working, what shall I do? Please wait until the end of the day when you receive the tracking number as it does not activate until it's picked up by the delivery company. If it's still not working, please contact

My items still haven’t been shipped and I haven’t received a refund, what shall I do? Please contact

I ordered my leggings over a week ago and haven’t heard anything back since my confirmation. Please email customer service at

Im scared to order TALA as I know Australia have strict rules about seeds entering the country, has it been approved? The seeded paper is imported into Australia and New Zealand and poses no problems.