Established in 2019, TALA’s mission is to bring you consciously-made, active-inspired pieces that deliver on performance, fit, quality and style, without the hefty price tag. 

When founder Grace Beverley shifted from fast fashion in her everyday clothing, she found a host of sustainable options in every category other than activewear. The usual options of rental & pre-owned clothing aren’t very appealing when it comes to activewear. We don’t know about you but wearing someone’s old sweaty clothes does not seem like an alternative we can get excited about. And so it became clear that the activewear industry - despite booming - was completely underserved when it came to sustainability, especially at a price point that wasn’t eye-watering.

We aim to create ultra flattering active-inspired pieces that you’ll feel good in, and good about.

Sounds like your type of thing? Then, welcome to team TALA.