At TALA, we recognise the interconnectedness of people and nature. We cannot expect our environment to flourish unless human relationships are nurtured; from empowering our talented factory workers to our HQ team or our dedicated TALA community that inspires us to drive accessibility in the industry every day, people are at the core of TALA.

Ethical Factories

We work with ethical, accredited factories. Built on shared values and collaboration, our suppliers are our partners. Our supplier partners are accountable to our supplier code of conduct, which is based on international regulations set by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and the United Nations Global Compact and aim to be aligned with industry best practices, such as the Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code. The factories we use are independently audited and certified to meet globally recognised social and environmental standards under ISO, Sedex, and WRAP.

We know the industry can do better collectively, and we want to be part of the change.


Accessibility is at the heart of why TALA began in the first place; we know there are barriers to clothes that are made ethically and with more responsible materials.

"I want to be able to go on a website like everyone else, pick something I like, find my size, and buy it like everyone else and not feel 'othered' or 'separated' or have to investigate to find it." - A quote from our Project Size Expansion Focus Group.

We were founded in 2019, and we knew from the start that we wanted to represent more sizes, so we started the process of offering a (more) complete size range in earnest in 2020. In 2023, we finally launched sizes 2XS-4XL with our Project Size Expansion. We believe that the fashion industry should be a place where everyone feels welcome to express themselves in whatever way makes them feel good. 


At HQ, collaboration and knowledge sharing drive change. We regularly re-group sessions to touch base to make sure all areas of the business are working in alignment with our mission. We host frequent social events at TALA HQ, such as clothing swap shops, pumpkin painting and delicious brunches, just because!

We feel very strongly about celebrating women every single day - from our team to our customers to the people who make our clothes. We believe in celebrating women every single day; at TALA, we are proudly:

👩‍💻71% women-owned

👩‍💻100% of board seats are held by women

👩‍💻100% of leadership positions are held by women

(in an industry where around 86% of top clothing brands are owned and run by men)

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