FILA X TALA Talks: The Collab’s Mission


We are incredibly proud to introduce FILA X TALA: where legacy meets innovation. FILA x TALA serves you an unrivalled capsule wardrobe of limited edition looks, complete with major firsts: the collection features TALA’s very first trainer and the first time FILA has made their iconic Interation trainer in recycled materials. From your workout to the street, this is the collection you can wear everywhere. Stand up. Stand Out.

fila and tala


TALA’s mission has always been to make more sustainable options accessible and inclusive, and to show the industry that better options CAN be made. That’s exactly why we launched after all.

The opportunity to work with a global legacy brand like FILA helps TALA to push the boundaries further. Our aim being to get just one more person to think more about their purchases: Who made them? What are they made from? Why do you need them?

The more we think this way, the more we all can foster wider collective industry change.

This is an opportunity to amplify our voices in tune with a globally recognised name. It is a chance to further share our journey and challenge the industry norms. 

But it doesn’t end there. Working with a global legacy brand also gives us the opportunity to challenge our own industry: to resource share, to prove that things can be done better, and that collaboration can further the collective sustainability journey.

Collaboration is essential to propel industry disruption, to challenge the status quo, and work together to be better. Brands need to support each other through navigating sustainability, to share knowledge and resources to level each other up. 

fila and tala

IT’S MORE THAN A LIFESTYLE: Accessibility. Wearability. Durability.

This collection's timeless looks are made to be worn, over and over. 

  • Product Innovation: The collection features innovative approaches to classic pieces, showing that it can be done. For example, the TALA X FILA - Interation Trainer is made from Recycled Fabrics.
  • Recycled Materials: Every item in this collection is crafted using recycled content; By using recycled fabrics, pre or post consumer waste is saved from polluting our environment or landfills.
  • Responsibly Sourced:  At TALA, we worked closely with our partnering factory to bring our best-selling collection, SkinLuxe to life while channelling the vintage FILA look and feel. For us, it is essential that our factories produce responsibly. Factories involved in the delivery of this collection have globally recognised social and environmental certifications - including the SMETA-SEDEX audit, and WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certification - awarded gold. 

fila and tala


Existing in the fashion industry, we realise we are both part of the problem and the solution. Locating authenticity, and navigating sustainability in the fashion industry in 2022 is challenging on so many levels.

The notion of sustainability in fashion itself is an oxymoron, which sparks complex debate entwined with systemic issues around privilege, consumerism and capitalism. This means that sustainability is nuanced, and should be viewed as a fluid concept rather than one with black and white yes or no.

We realise that the definition of the term ‘sustainability’ varies from person to person. But what we are trying to do is challenge the industry in which we exist. People will buy activewear, so we are offering a better alternative: ethically made and with sustainable content closely monitored and shared, so that you can be the judge. 

The FILA X TALA collaboration is an opportunity for us to fulfil our mission in front of a larger audience, with the hope that increased exposure will challenge more people to reconsider their buying behaviour, and challenge more brands to adopt sustainable practices.

We are operating under no illusions; we know there are complexities and multiple barriers to living more sustainable lifestyles and accessing sustainable products. But merely finding sustainable products you can trust shouldn’t be so difficult. 


From certified recycled fabrics, to ensuring factories meet the highest globally recognised auditing standards, we are seriously dedicated to empowering you to challenge the status quo. 

fila and tala