We all deserve a little flair in our lives. And what better way to spruce up your wardrobe than with an actual pair of flared leggings? 


At TALA, we’re obsessed with flares. Comfy, versatile and stylish - yes, please! Flares are an extremely popular choice and a trend that won't be going out of style anytime soon. So, we’ve made sure that our collection has flared leggings to suit everyone’s needs. If you’re not sure which type of flared legging will be best for your lifestyle, keep reading as we’ll explore the benefits of our fave flares to help you decide.

Types of TALA Flared Leggings

There are plenty of TALA flared leggings for you to choose from. And with our size expansion launch, sizes now range between 2XS and 4XL with tall options also available. 

tala flares

DayFlex High-Waisted Flared Leggings

The DayFlex High-Waisted Flared Leggings are easily our most popular type. The perfect combination of activewear and athleisure, these leggings can be easily dressed up or down so you can wear them to your next yoga class, to coffee in the park, out for brunch or even to the office. Designed to feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, these leggings are created from our airbrush effect, DayFlex fabric that just glides on for ultimate comfort. We might be a little biassed, but you’ll never want to take them off!

tala dayflex flaredayflex flare back

These leggings are also available with a flattering wrap waistband that can accentuate your natural curves or with no front seam (say goodbye to your camel toe worries).

DayFlex Split Hem Flared Leggings

If you want even more ankle mobility and breathability or smarter-looking leggings, then the DayFlex Split Hem Flared Leggings are the ones for you. These leggings feature a split seam that runs perfectly down the front of the leg and falls right over your footwear for a flattering, office-ready look. A workwear staple and ideal for showing off your trainers while out and about, the split hem leggings are a must-have for your wardrobe.

tala split hem flaresplit hem flare close up


SkinLuxe High-Waisted Flared Leggings

The SkinLuxe High-Waisted Flared Leggings are a classic we can’t live without. Designed with movement in mind, these leggings are lightweight, buttery smooth and feel like a second skin. With an integrated waistband, they’re made to stay up whether you’re running, squatting or stretching. Since they’re so comfy, they’re also great to wear when you want to lounge around the house on a slow Sunday or wear to work - the ultimate versatile flared legging.

tala skinluxe flaresskinluxe flare back


365 OG Flared Trousers

Our 365 Flared Trousers are the OG. Form fitting and ultra flattering, these leggings are double layered (no need to worry about them being see-through), with a flare that falls smoothly. Made from LENZING® Modal, which is twice as soft as cotton, you can bet they’ll be long-lasting and will rival the softness of any other leggings you’ll ever own. With plenty of colours available, you won’t be able to resist coming back for more, just like everyone at TALA HQ.

tala 365 flares365 flare back


365 Sculpting Lounge Flared Trousers

Need some leggings to adapt as your body changes throughout the day? Then, you’ll want to try our 365 Sculpting Lounge Multiway Flared Trousers. Featuring a multiway foldable waistband, you’ll be able to easily adjust them to a high or low waist, whichever feels most comfortable in the moment. The panel also allows you to create a multitude of silhouettes to find your most flattering fit. Made with a double-layered ribbed fabric, these leggings offer great stretch and even greater contouring. You can’t go wrong!

tala 365 sculpting lounge trousers365 SL flare back


The Tall Range

For the taller girlies out there, don’t worry; there’s no need to miss out as we now offer a 35” leg length on our DayFlex Wrap High-Waisted Flares and our SkinLuxe High Waisted Flared Leggings, and 33” in our Split Hem Flares - meaning you can finally say goodbye to cold ankles and enjoy your flares the way you’re supposed to!

Take a look at our brand new Tall Girl Edit for more than just leggings.

All of our flared leggings come in a variety of stunning staple colours that you can mix and match with our sports bras, t-shirts or oversized sweatshirts and hoodies so you can build up the ultimate capsule wardrobe and always look good.

Need some extra tips on how to make the most of your leggings? Check out our blog on how to style flared leggings for plenty of outfit ideas, from cosy to sporty to chic - our leggings can do it all!

What are flared leggings?

Flared leggings are made of the same material as standard leggings, but they become wider toward the bottom of the leg rather than staying tight and fitted all the way down. Some people feel flared leggings allow for more freedom of movement and are more breathable, making them the more comfortable choice. They’re also super flattering for all body types and perfect for both workouts and everyday wear.