Over the last few years, cycling shorts have made a huge comeback. And we’re all for it! Originally popular in the 80s and 90s, with some absolutely iconic looks we all know and love, they’re now a wardrobe staple for everyone.

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Versatile, comfortable and stylish, cycling shorts are a trend that’s here to stay. So, keep reading for our top tips on how to style your fave cycling shorts this summer.

What are cycling shorts?

First of all, let’s explain what cycling shorts are and why they’re so great. Cycling shorts are skin-tight shorts usually made from either spandex, lycra, polyester and elastane to make them ultra comfy and protect the skin from friction. Of course, initially, they were created with cyclists in mind, but they have since expanded to be suitable for any and all types of gym-goers as well as loungewear. With plenty of designs, colours, patterns and materials available, you’ll find a pair of cycling shorts that will fit your needs in no time. 

Where to wear cycling shorts

Aside from the obvious (gym, fitness classes and, well, cycling), cycling shorts can be worn for many other events and outings. Whether you’re taking the dog for a walk, meeting friends for coffee, going to a festival, spending the day at the beach, or even heading out for some drinks, cycling shorts can easily be dressed up or down. 

Cycling short outfit ideas

Wondering what the best ways to style your cycling shorts are? We’ve got you covered. 

1. Shirts with cycling shorts

If you’re going for cool and breezy, try pairing a shirt with cycling shorts. For a casual look, add a crisp white t-shirt and layer an open-button shirt in a vibrant colour over the top. Throw on some sandals and layered necklaces, and you’ll be ready for a summery day out. Or, if you want to dress up the shorts, choose an oversized, white linen shirt and tie it up or tuck the front in.

2. Oversized T-shirts with cycling shorts

A loose, oversized t-shirt with skin-tight cycling shorts makes for a fashionable contrast and an effortlessly chic look. Shorts in a neutral colour, such as black or beige, paired with a loud graphic tee and some trainers, is laid-back styling at its finest. This look is perfect for running errands around town or meeting up with some friends for a chill brunch. 

3. Sweatshirts with cycling shorts

If it’s a tad chilly outside (this is a UK summer, after all), the classic look of a cosy sweatshirt and cycling shorts never fails. Thank you, Princess Diana, for inspiring us all with this look. Simple, comfortable and always on-trend, sweatshirts and cycling shorts are the perfect combo for both lounging around the house on a rainy afternoon or enjoying a cool summer evening in your friend’s garden. 

4. Sports bras with cycling shorts

Some high-waisted cycling shorts paired with a matching sports bra will create a cohesive matching co-ord set that requires no thinking in the morning but results in a very put together look. Whether you choose a single colour scheme or contrasting colours, matching sets will instantly make you look like you've made more effort than you have.

Best shoes to wear with cycling shorts

With the top half of your outfit planned, it’s time to start thinking about what shoes to wear with cycling shorts. 

1. Cycling shorts and trainers

The go-to choice when it comes to cycling shorts is wearing some clean and comfortable trainers with either some no-show ankle socks or chunky crew socks. Trainers, cycling shorts and an oversized t-shirt or sweatshirt are the epitome of the modern athleisure style. Plus, trainers will be your best option if you have a busy day ahead with lots of running around.

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 2. Cycling shorts and boots

If you’re dressing the shorts up with a shirt or an oversized t-shirt, adding a pair of boots will give your outfit an edgy look and feel. Whether you choose a pair of chunky boots, heeled boots, or even cowboy boots, you’re sure to make a statement and turn heads wherever you go.

3. Cycling shorts and heels

Cycling shorts and heels may seem like an unusual choice, but it’s a great way to add glamour and sophistication to your outfit. If you’re heading out for dinner, going to an important meeting or a formal event, some cycling shorts, a shirt or a blazer and a killer pair of heels will ensure you look the part while still feeling as comfortable as possible. 

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