At TALA HQ, we may be slightly biased but we are 100% in favour of wearing leggings to work. If there’s one thing that the various lockdowns have taught us, it’s that comfort is key. We know it depends on the type of workplace you are in and the policies that are in place, but we do believe that leggings (especially our range of TALA leggings) are versatile enough to be worn from yoga, to brunch, to the office.

With sustainability and responsibility being a core value of TALA, we are BIG fans of clothing that is multi-functional. Leggings that you can wear to workout in but also out to the pub or to the office? Sign us up.

Keep reading for Team TALA's top tips for wearing your fave leggings to work.

Girl wearing TALA leggings and a long trench coat

1. Keep it simple.

Some of our previously published articles include inspo on how to create the ideal capsule wardrobe and the notion here is similar - keep the outfit simple. A pair of black flared leggings paired with a blazer or shirt is the perfect corporate-gal combo and also looks like you’ve made an effort while keeping comfort levels 100. Win win.

2. Stick to neutral colours.

As mentioned, black is our go-to for making an outfit look elevated enough to wear to the office - although we love our Red Marl Sculpt Seamless leggings, we know these could attract some of the wrong attention in a professional setting!
If you want to jazz it up and include some more colour, neutral tones are great to adding a little more to a monotone outfit. We love our Walnut, Latte, or Navy DayFlex tones.

3. Pick the right style.

We're proud to say that most of our leggings and flares are versatile enough to be styled up or down depending on the look (or function) that you're going for, but our personal faves for dressing up has to be our DayFlex range.

DayFlex is super versatile, has that dreamy second-skin feel and is premium enough to look like you’ve made an effort, while feeling like you're wearing almost nothing. What's not to love?!

Visit TALA HQ on any day of the week and we can pretty much guarantee that you'll see at least 4 of our team rocking their flares.

"I wear my Black DayFlex flares almost everyday to work and social occasions - they're becoming part of my personality at this point. What even are jeans anymore? When I'm in the office, I'll usually wear my flares either with an oversized blazer or one of my 365 tees for a more casual look. I'm 5'10 and I wear the 33" length and they're ideal for me." - Katy, Performance Marketing Manager at TALA

4. Choose the right top to make it work.

The top that you choose to pair your leggings with is what will take you from looking relaxed to looking super put together. Covering your midriff is probably recommended by most workplaces (depending on company policies) so we’d recommend pairing with a nice chunky knit in the colder weather or a blazer or oversized shirt for a more structured look.

Girl wearing black TALA leggings and puffer coat

5. It’s all in the footwear.

Along with the choice of top, your footwear is also what can take your ‘fit from lounge-worthy to workplace-ready. At TALA we’re fans of a white trainer - New Balance is a popular choice, but a trainer may not be appropriate for every workplace. A pair of converse look great paired with a black flare and are on trend, or some mini UGGs. A knee-high boot over a pair of black leggings can also look super elevated - check out the inspo look below.


How do you style up your TALA leggings? We love seeing your outfits! Tag us @wearetala and we may repost you! 


Team TALA x