TALA’s mission is to bring you sustainably-made activewear that delivers on performance, fit, quality and style, without the hefty price tag.

When founder Grace Beverley shifted from fast fashion in her everyday clothing, she found a host of sustainable options in every category other than activewear. And so it became clear that the activewear industry - despite booming - was completely underserved when it came to sustainability, especially at a price point that wasn’t eye-watering.

That’s the idea that started TALA: If you could buy the same quality activewear at the same price, but made sustainably and ethically, wouldn’t you?

TALA’s aim is to make more sustainable options accessible and inclusive - from our high performance activewear to our every day 365 collection, we make clothes you’ll feel good in, and good about.

Check out #itscooltobekind for all the info on our ethical suppliers and sustainable fabrics.