Hey #TEAMTALA! We're incredibly excited to announce over very first TALA fitness ambassador Holly Brooks! Based in Manchester, Holly sheds light and positivity into the world of fitness through empowering workouts and mouth-wateringly tasty recipes to level up your meals and live a balanced, happy life. In this edit of TALA Talks, Holly shares her tips to optimise your fitness routine to live and feel happier. 
When it comes to fitness and achieving goals, one of the key things I have found helped me reach mine was a good routine. Setting yourself up a daily routine is really essential to staying on track and will benefit your health massively both mentally and physically. 
Everyone is different so I’m sure your daily routine will differ from mine but I have a few tips and tricks I would like to share with you to help you get yours going so you can maximise your twenty-four hours and smash your goals. 
  1. Get yourself up nice and early. Your morning sets the tone for your whole day so make it a good one! I love to get up earlier and give myself some me time before work; I use this time to either go to the gym, cook myself a nice breakfast or sometimes I just sit and watch the news for twenty minutes with a cup of tea. I always find making this time for myself really makes a difference. If you roll out of bed ten minutes before you need to leave for work, I’m going to make the assumption your morning is going to consist of a chaotic dash to work and that just sets the wrong tone for the rest of the day. 

  1. Get your morning gym on. I absolutely love a morning gym session. It feels so good to get in there and get those endorphins going. One of my top tips for managing this is lay out your gym kit the night before so you're all ready to grab it and go. Especially if you get up and see your brand new TALA LOGO set all laid out (trust me you will be jumping out of bed to put that on). 
  1. Plan yourself some gorgeous food! I always pre-plan my meals to make sure through the day I’m eating lots of nice nutritious food that I enjoy and nourish my body! The best trick is to save a sweet treat for after dinner just to help you unwind.
  1. Speaking on unwinding…set yourself some unwind time. After a busy day absolutely bossing it you need to schedule in some you time. Whether that's taking a bath, watching love island or carrying out a 15 step skincare routine, just make sure you get some time to relax and give yourself a little pamper. 
  1. Get your eight hours! I hate to sound like a parent with this one but never underestimate how getting eight hours of sleep and into bed at a good time can make you feel. Who wouldn't want to wake up fresh and ready to smash the day again?! One big tip for this is to switch off your screens 30-40 minutes before you sleep (although before you do that make sure you’ve got your reminder set for the TALA LOGO launch on Monday the 26th because if you missed that then you’d definitely be losing some sleep).