“Have you accomplished your New Year’s resolutions?” is a question some look forward to and some dread to answer. We tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to achieve unrealistic resolutions in a small amount of time when realistically, it’s not realistic at all. 

The beauty of setting goals and resolutions is that you have to use your present-day to determine what you want to achieve for the future. It’s about seeing the potential in what you already have and brightening that light to help you form new habits, grow and glow. In this edit of TALA Talks, we’re giving you a few tips on how you can achieve what you want in the long-term and be happier day by day.

1. Value the present. 

Take a moment to stop and think about all the positive things that surround you, and to feel grateful for all the good you already have in your life. This is often a fleeting moment but one that should occur regularly to help us maintain perspective. The fact that you’ve woken up this morning, you’ve probably had something to eat and drink, and you’re connected to the internet to access this blog post is just the start! Try starting each day by writing down 5 things you’re grateful for or adopting a routine that starts your day positively e.g. a morning walk, meditation or yoga - something for you before you start your work. The more you appreciate your present day, the more positive you’ll feel which transcends into your daily habits and refreshes your perspective.

2. Long-term solutions vs one day at a time

Over the last year, we have all been forced to adapt to a new, unfamiliar climate. The resolutions you made at the start of 2021 may have got you feeling positive about the year ahead, but has the global pandemic meant these goals weren’t as achievable as you hoped? It’s ok to put your resolutions on hold and just focus on the day-to-day if that helps you get through these difficult times. It’s okay not to know what to do, how to react or even how to carry on. The important thing to remember is that YOU CAN carry on. Try planning each day according to everything you know you want and need to do (and yes, that includes time to do nothing and rest too!) and celebrate every win you have! If you’re feeling trapped and anxious, try some gentle exercise, getting out for some fresh air, or curling up with your book.


3. Implement the 'rule of one'. 

For those days when you don’t feel yourself, it’s important to release the pressure of trying to get a crazy amount of things done in a short amount of time. Implementing the ‘rule of one’ refers to one element you want to change in life for a greater reason (don’t be afraid, one small step could have a huge impact!). One is a pretty manageable number - it can be one new skill you’d like to focus on developing, one thing you achieve at work, or even simpler than that, just getting through one day at a time.

Think about what one step you can take to achieve your goal. If it’s getting up an hour earlier to go for a walk, to exercise or learn something new, it’s one step that has changed your routine and regular steps create habits that you eventually adapt into a more fulfilling routine to help you grow, and ultimately, glow. And remember to enjoy the journey!

4. Your environment matters. 


Ever heard of the saying ‘a clean environment equals a clean mind’? There are so many small things we can do that will help us reach that desired glow we envision for ourselves. I’m not sure who needs to hear this but if you’re due a spring clean of your bedroom, let’s get that done ASAP! Little steps like this make a huge difference to your behaviours and mindset for the day ahead. And whilst this feeds into your immediate environment such as your bedroom or your workspace, it’s also true for the environment surrounding us all - our planet. Did you know that if just one piece of non-recyclable packaging is thrown in with your recyclables, the entire batch could be disregarded by the authorities? Doing what you can to help the environment is worth doing, whether that’s reducing your usage of plastic water bottles and single-use makeup wipes or eating plant-based foods, small actions that help to look after the environment surrounding you help us all to feel more positive about what lies ahead. 

5. Glow up for YOURSELF. 

We’ve all been feeling disconnected from the outside world as our physical interactions have become limited, meaning you have more time with yourself than you ever could have imagined. Make YOU your top priority. Take some time for yourself to understand what you ACTUALLY want to achieve as restrictions start to lift and life hopefully starts to return to normal. Assess what is manageable for you to achieve on a daily and a long-term basis. A great place to start is by identifying what truly makes you happy because this will drive the passion that allows you to work with purpose. Self-care and self-love come from surrounding yourself with things that make you happy and individuals who love and want the best for you. In time, your self-worth will shine through and that’s the glow we are working towards. 

We’d love to hear your Glow Up tips and progress stories, so send us a DM at @wearetala! 


Written by Elizabeth Alli