In this edit of TALA Talks, our CEO and Founder of TALA, Grace Beverley will be sharing her top picks from our up to 30% off Black Friday sale with her styling tips to match!

1. 365 Flared Trousers

Grace says: "The comfiest and most flattering trousers you will ever wear. I do not travel in anything other than these or the dayflex yoga pants. No front seam, super easy to style up."

Best for: Styling up for work or down for travelling


2. Sculpt Seamless Scrunch Leggings

Grace says: "Like shapewear and activewear had a baby. Super soft, super sculpting but still comfortable. Launched these in July and they’re already a top 5 bestseller this year!"

Best for: Catfishing


3. DayFlex Wrap Waist Leggings

Grace says: "Unlike anything you will find near this price point - if you’re used to buying £90 leggings and can’t bring yourself to spend that much anymore, just read through the reviews to see how many people have switched to these!"

Best for: Everyday wear with all the activewear properties. Also very waist snatching.


4. DayFlex V Neck Bra

Grace says: "The original boob job bra - wear to the gym, wear out, wear to a sneaky link."

Best for: When you want your boobs to look amazing


5. SkinLuxe Tank Bra

Grace says: "This and the ixia are the bras I grab for every form of exercise - cardio, lifting, anything. Just the best staple, v flattering and supportive."

Best for: Getting stuck into a workout in the gym


6. Ixia Seamless Zip Sports Bra

Grace says: "Suuuuper flattering, super supportive and I feel v cool™️ every time I wear it"

Best for: Feeling supported during higher intensity workouts

7. DayFlex Square Neck Vest

Grace says: "The clean girl vest! I wear this under my tops/jumpers a good few times a week when I cba to wear a bra."

Best for: Wearing literally everywhere


8. Breeze Borg Jacket

Grace says: "Suuuuuch a staple bomber - I wasn’t sure how much I was going to wear this, but I’ve worn it SO much and there’s always one person in the office wearing it. Huge fave!"

Best for: Being cosy and pairing with ugg vibes!

9. SkinLuxe Zip Through Running Top

Grace says: "This went viral as a ‘BBL’ jacket for a reason (snatched waist, bum poppin) I feel like the baddest b in the world when I wear this. Under my gilet, with my flares. I feel unstoppable."

Best for: Pairing with flares & a gilet every day of the week