When practicing self-love remember to embrace the journey rather than focus on a destination. In today's TALA Talks, @iamisabellajohnson shares her tips on how to control anxiety in isolation and find that balance between work and downtime while being at home 🧚‍♀️🦋

Tips for dealing with anxiety in quarantine - 

1. Control what you consume - consume limited news content and swap it for uplifting, encouraging content. Limit news content to once a day for important safety updates

2. Have a social media cleanse - remove any accounts that are filling your feed with negative news, content that makes you anxious or makes you compare yourself to others

3. Meditate - realign yourself and relax. This can be done over 5 minutes to 30 minutes. I recommend using the Insight Timer app to help you create stillness

4. Balance your work and your downtime - try not to work in the space where you sleep

5. Put yourself in a routine - it doesn’t have to be your normal routine, but creating a new one will help you feel balanced. Try interspersing your work with non-work related activities and coming back to your work when you feel calm

6. Use water to cleanse your spirit and aura - stand under the shower and visualise your stress dripping off you as the water falls

7. Listen to your thoughts and what your body needs

8. Live in your truth and embrace who you are - use this time at home to discover more about yourself

9. Use a happiness planner - take time out of your day to ask yourself what makes you happy

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