TALA DayFlex flared leggings

Leggings to make you look as good as you feel

Whether for working out, lounging, running errands or wearing day-to-day, the perfect pair of leggings can elevate both your outfit and the way you feel within yourself. But with so many options to choose from, how can you know which ones you’re supposed to buy?!

We’ve put together a handy guide to help you choose the right leggings for you and your lifestyle. Our mission at TALA is to bring you sustainably-made activewear that delivers on performance, fit, quality and style, without the hefty price tag. Our aim is to make more sustainable options accessible and inclusive - from our high performance activewear to our every day 365 collection, we make clothes you’ll feel good in, and good about.

Getting the right fit

First thing’s first, you want to get the right fit. As a brand created by women for women, we know all too well that we come in different shapes and sizes, and finding the perfect fit can make you feel infinitely more comfortable within yourself. Our collection of leggings come in a range of  either ⅞ length leggings  or full length leggings so you can choose the style that you want to suit your shape.

Get to know our leggings

SkinLuxe Leggings

If you don’t know about our SkinLuxe collection, firstly - where have you been? Secondly, it’s time to get in the know. SkinLuxe is our buttery-smooth, second-skin, light-weight activewear collection, and is home to our best-selling SkinLuxe High-Waisted Legging and SkinLuxe High-Waisted Flared Legging, plus our most recent addition, the SkinLuxe Side Pocket Legging. SkinLuxe leggings are designed with movement in mind and made to stay up whether you’re running, stretching or squatting. Made with 74% recycled materials, these are the ultimate sustainable leggings option.

Ideal for: if you’re looking for your new go-to, everyday legging for working out.

TALA leggings buying guide 1


Sculpt Seamless Leggings

We don’t want to boast, but our Sculpt Seamless leggings are the most flattering seamless legging you’ll ever wear. There’s a reason they sold out the first time we launched them!

Sculpting and comfortable without feeling restrictive, with a subtle and discreet scrunch bum design to enhance your natural curves. Light-weight and high-waisted with a smoothing effect, you’ll never want to take them off. If you’re a gym-goer and love to enhance your natural shape while working out then these are for you. For a more supportive fit in our Sculpt Seamless leggings, we recommend sizing down.

Ideal for: if you’re looking for a super flattering pair of leggings to make you feel great in the gym and look great in your selfies.

TALA leggings buying guide 2


DayFlex Leggings

Introducing DayFlex - the best way to describe our DayFlex leggings is the perfect mixture of activewear-meets-athleisure. Think yummy-mummy, coffee in the park, yoga and brunch vibes. We know we’re biassed and say this about all of our leggings but you will literally never want to take these off. What’s great about them is that they’re perfect for dressing up with a blazer for a daytime look, or wearing to the gym to workout in.

Our best-selling DayFlex leggings come in in four key styles, so that you can choose the ones to suit you:

DayFlex is made from 75% recycled nylon and 25% LYCRA® SPORT, which creates an airbrush, naked feel when wearing it.  Available in either a flattering wrap waist or a standard waist, you can choose your desired fit. 

Ideal for: if you’re looking for the new pair of leggings that you won’t even notice that you’re wearing.

TALA leggings buying guide 3



FormTech Leggings

Our running-obsessed, female led product team convinced our non-runner-founder Grace that we needed a running collection. The result is FormTech: every detail has been painstakingly considered to bring you the most flattering technical performance offering you’ll want to wear beyond your run. From the incredibly lightweight, breathable and wicking fabrics to the supportive elements in both tops and bottoms.


Ideal for: lovers of running or high intensity training - FormTech won't disappoint! 

FormTech Leggings

The ultimate every-day staple

We couldn’t bring you a whole leggings guide without mentioning the holy grail of wardrobe staple that everybody needs - ultimate pair of black leggings.

Working out? Black leggings. Running errands? I’ll throw on my comfiest black leggings. Grabbing coffee with a friend? My black leggings will look great with an oversized jumper. Heading to the office? I’ll just wear my favourite black leggings. Going out out? You guessed it… comfort is key and I’ll dress up my black leggings.

TALA leggings buying guide 5

Something for Everyone

As well as our key collections as above, we’ve collated an edit of yoga pants made up of our stretchiest and softest bottoms, perfect for those of us who are more into laying down in Savasana - or laying down on the sofa (no judgement here).

We know from experience that there’s nothing worse than being distracted throughout your workout by your leggings slipping down, bunching up or digging in so we’ve made sure that our own leggings are created using the highest quality recycled materials, so you can focus on what you’re doing rather than what you’re wearing.

Many of our best-selling leggings (hello SkinLuxe and DayFlex) also come in flared styles which are perfect for wearing to your pilates or yoga classes, but also to brunch or even dressing up to head to the office - we love versatility at TALA. Our flared leggings edit brings these all together so you can easily find your perfect pair.