If you’re someone who exercises regularly, you already understand that there are a multitude of benefits to regular exercise that surpass weight loss or staying in shape. If you haven’t been bitten by the exercise bug yet, there’s still a good chance that you’ve heard some buzz about how exercise can affect you outside of the gym in the best of ways. While not only helping your heart stay healthy, it can help you be more successful at work and in relationships, too. Read on to understand exactly how exercise can improve your productivity and brain function.


If productivity is your main focus, working out should be another focus area. When you exercise, blood flow is increased to the brain which can help keep your awareness extra sharp and make sure that you’re more ready to tackle your next big project. Your brain kicks in with a cognitive boost from a protein called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), according to the American Council on Exercise. 


During exercise, your brain released endorphins - neurotransmitters responsible for something known as the “runners high”. You may know this as the feel-good sensation that leaves you in a calm yet content state even though your heart rate was just pumping. Your body also releases serotonin, the “happy chemical” while exercising. While endorphins block pain, serotonin promotes pleasure. High levels of exercise-induced serotonin and endorphins help create a better mood and brain compounds that promote memory, learning, and mood boosts. This all contributes to being more productive and focused on the end goal.

Physical Health

Being at your best physically helps to improve overall work performance by reducing body weight, risk of various medical conditions, and the stamina you need to meet the physical demands of where you are wanting to go. If your body is feeling optimal, the results of everything else can follow along a similar path. 

Mental Health

Similarly to physical health, exercise is a positive enforcer for our mental health. Even carving 30 minutes out of the day to get sweaty or taking a conference call while on a walk can allow us to prioritize the connection of the mind and body to be more productive and efficient later. Before switching to a work-from-home style due to COVID-19, many companies such as Google and Nike were noticing the benefits of exercise on employee productivity and would include in-office gyms and yoga studios.

Combat Fatigue 

Coffee and energy drinks are tempting and an easy option to turn to when feeling sluggish. However, when we are working for something that we are passionate about and wanting to create more efficiency, a well-rounded approach will be more sustainable than simply relying on the coffee and energy drink routine to get us through. Working towards our goals and life, in general, can be exhausting. A great way to combat fatigue and add productivity to our day is by making sure to create a schedule that allows time for exercise. Exercise increases your energy capacity each time you work out and recover. When you exercise, you are feeding your brain high levels of blood, glucose and oxygen - what it really needs to thrive.


If you are wondering what’s missing from your productivity toolbox, it may be exercise. Exercise encourages us to stand back, take a break and get perspective. Which might be just what we need to help us solve a problem more effectively. Building regular exercise into your routine will make this problem-solving process more intuitive. It is recommended to incorporate 30 minutes of physical activity most days of the week. While that may seem daunting for some, start with a few minutes each day and increase by a couple of minutes each week. Keep it fun! It’s a good thing, remember?

Exercise Helps Keep Your Mind & Body On Top Form

As we’ve discussed, exercise could be just what you need to keep you on track to reach your goals. Try to find ways to keep yourself accountable, especially in the beginning. Take a power boxing class 3x a week with a friend. Track your progress in ways that make sense for you. This could be in your phone, a journal, app, etc. And remember it all starts with habit: establish the habit, establish productivity. 

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