Social media has become the most effective way to express one’s individuality through vibrant visuals, captivating captions and eye-catching fits that make you double tap before you scroll. What’s important to us at TALA is allowing everyone to express themselves freely to feel good in what they wear by harnessing their individuality through staple sustainable pieces. But with new algorithms moulding the social playing field, how do you ensure YOUR photos are noticed? In this edit of TALA Talks, we’re giving you some tips and tricks on how to finesse your content creation to stand out amongst the crowd. 


  • Lighting is everything. It’s always best to use natural lighting rather than artificial lighting to enhance the quality of your content and to get the most authentic visual possible. Flashback can distort the natural colourways of your garments so if the ring light is necessary, make sure the setting provides a natural glow. 

  • Keep it clean and crisp. Find a space with minimal clutter with colours that complement the fit - let the focus of your content remain on YOU and your TALA outfit!

  • Be yourself! The best type of content is authentic content and we want to see YOU! Find mediums that inspire you whether that is content from fellow creators or experimenting with different outfit combinations, find what makes you tick and capture those moments in your content - tell your own story through your favourite TALA pieces.

  • Your content is your CV. Let’s face it - when applying for jobs, it’s pretty standard to ensure that your application is specific to the brand in question so apply that same attitude to your content! Try not to overtag brands in the same post as it is often the brand you want to work with that will get lost amongst the noise. For example, if you want to work with a swimwear brand, they may not notice you if you tag them in an image of you wearing another brand’s swimsuit. 

  • Use your hashtags! Think of hashtags as a grouping mechanic to browse content propelling a similar message - it makes it much easier for us to find you and see your content when you use #weareteamtala in your posts! As well as being able to see your different looks, there is an opportunity for you to connect with fellow members of the community and share tips and ideas!


    We love using our platforms to showcase your content in your favourite TALA pieces so here are a few examples of content that caught our attention: 

    @sophie.fbp - crisp look, subtle product features with a touch a personal style.

    @adelainemerritt - minimalistic aesthetic with a strong focus on the clothing. 

    @_bethpage - statement image with natural lighting and a strong focus on the product. 

    @kadychrystelle - natural lighting with complementary tones to keep the focus on the model. 

    @sophshinton  - street style with a neutral colour palette.


    We’re always looking to work with new models/creatives as we constantly strive to push our inclusivity values. The main thing for us is to work with like-minded individuals who can not only bring our collections to life but embrace the TALA energy by adding a touch of personal style when capturing different TALA outfits. Remember to be confident in what you post by embracing your individual style, identify specific elements in your content and make them pop and always tag us in your content using @wearetala and #weareteamtala - who knows who might be sliding into your DM’s next!