Have you ever woken up in the morning with the intention of working out but for one reason or another, don’t end up exercising? We feel that too which is why we are super excited to announce our partnership with Wild deodorant to bring you the solution you never knew you needed for the days when you simply can’t be bothered. In this edit of TALA Talks, we’ll be breaking down why we specifically partnered with Wild to create the ultimate Sustainable Sweat Set. 

We wanted to create a new, sustainable activewear set that was wildly effective at giving you that post-workout feeling without the need to lift a finger. We are super excited to announce the Sustainable Sweat Set, designed to make you feel (and smell) like you’re in the gym – even when you’re not. The set includes an eye-catching new ‘sweat-inspired’ colourway in our signature SkinLuxe™ fabric paired with a brand-new sweat-scented deodorant from Wild, available to purchase for a limited time only on Thursday 1st April at 12pm BST. 

Our SkinLuxe™ pieces are designed to feel like a second skin, crafted with 76% recycled Nylon and 24% LYCRA® Sport. Whether you’re winding down with some yoga, leveling up your HIIT workout or just running errands, the entire collection serves you well when you need a balance between comfort and compression. And now, we’ve created the perfect collection for the days when you’re just not in the mood to move (but don’t want anyone else to know!). 

Wild offers a wide range of natural yet sustainable deodorants that help you freshen up on the go. Wild pride themselves on always listening to their customers and coming up with new and exotic scent concoctions based on what they want. Their new sweat-scented deodorant is the perfect solution for the time-poor fitness fan: guaranteed to give him or her that after-gym glow – and smell – without the need to work up a tell-tale sweat! 

Tapping into both brands’ planet positive and healthy living values, the sweat set is aimed at busy young professionals who like to look good when they work out but don’t necessarily have the time to actually hit the gym. If there ever was a perfect match, it’s the Sustainable Sweat Set!

TALA CEO, Grace Beverley said: “We are beyond excited to launch our collaboration with Wild, as not only do we share the same sustainability core values, but we both want to push boundaries and disrupt our industries. Our new SkinLuxe™ ‘Sweat Set’ was designed specifically for those days when you want to get that gym effect without putting too much work in. The beauty of our versatile sweat-coloured SkinLuxe™ styles, which include your favourite sports bras, crop tops, leggings and vests, is that they give you the appearance of having worked out, even when you can’t be bothered.”

Wild founder Charlie Bowes-Lyon also noted: “This is our most natural launch yet. We are going back to basics with this pungent, earthy, musty sweat scent that combines the smell of forest undergrowth with a stale gym kit. We can’t wait for our customers to get a whiff of this new scent!”

Ahead of the launch, Wild trialled its new scent by sending it out to some of the most discerning armpit fanatics on its customer list, including Miss B. Odour, who had this to say:

“The opportunities for wearing Sustainable Sweat are limitless. As well as doing my bit for the planet by wearing something totally sustainable, I was also able to convince my boyfriend that I’d done an hour circuit training session in our home gym – without ever leaving the sofa! He didn’t doubt me for a moment as the smell was so overpowering.”

We hope you are as excited as we are for the Sustainable Sweat Set to drop! For all updates, keep an eye out on @wearetala and set your alarms for Thursday 1st April where your dose of sweatspiration awaits you! The Sustainable Sweat Set will be available to purchase  www.wearetala.com and www.wearewild.com on Thursday 1st April at 12pm BST.