WE ARE TALA. Nice to meet you! We are Sustainable Style.

We are ON-TREND and INCLUSIVE: Our collections are for every BODY. Each of our products is designed to make everyone in the #TEAMTALA family feel comfortable AND empowered with high-performance designs and flattering fits. 

We are SUSTAINABLE: We are on a mission to create products that are 100% up-cycled, and we are 92% of the way there…! Our packaging is recycled and recyclable and the tags are made from 100% plantable paper. Simply plant, love and care for them, and watch them grow! 

We are AFFORDABLE: We create beautifully designed products which care for the environment without breaking the bank. 

We are HONEST: We promise to be transparent about every aspect of our supply chain and the sustainability of each individual item. 

We are INNOVATIVE: We are constantly researching and trialling the best in sustainable materials to ensure we bring you the latest trends without the need to compromise.