We are TALA. We’re here to disrupt your wardrobe with our slow fashion approach to sustainable style that doesn’t break the bank, or our planet. TALA is the brand you always knew you wanted but could never quite find - affordable, sustainable styles without the need to compromise on high-performance pieces and flattering fits.


WE ARE SUSTAINABLE STYLE - we hold sustainability and ethical manufacturing at our core.

WE ARE ACCESSIBLE - sustainable style that doesn’t break the bank, or the planet.

WE ARE A CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY - we care about how our clothes are made and we know who makes them.

WE ARE INCLUSIVE - representing whatever makes you, YOU.

WE ARE TRANSPARENT - we hold ourselves accountable for every aspect of our supply chain and want to share every step with you.

WE ARE PAVING THE WAY - we partner with facilities across the globe to use the very best in sustainable processes and materials to bring you incredible sustainable styles that won’t cost the earth.

Find out more about our slow fashion ethos: #ITSCOOLTOBEKIND