Goodbye fast fashion, hello sustainable style! We’ve partnered with world-leading facilities across the globe to use the very best in sustainable technologies, processes and materials to bring you incredible sustainable styles that won’t break the planet or the bank. 

We’re super proud to work with clever materials like Q-Nova (regenerated raw materials) and Recovertex (rescuing plastic bottles from oceans and landfill and turning them into your new sustainable wears), and we’re committed to working with all of our suppliers to lead the way in the slow fashion and activewear industries.


We care about how our clothes are made and we know who makes them. All of our suppliers have been audited in line with our sustainability and ethical values, and we’ll only work with the very best.

Our factory groups in Portugal and Turkey have been audited by SEDEX which checks the whole business on four pillars: Labour, Health & Safety, Environment and Business ethics. Audits take place at least every 3 years reviewing everything from building structure, electric installation, water filtration and environmental and occupational hazards. In accordance with SEDEX, you can be sure that all of our supply chain workers are paid at least the minimum of industry-standard wage in accordance with local authorities.

We also manufacture a select number of products at our Hong Kong facility. This includes products containing bamboo, such as our 100% bamboo cutlery and Leaf face cloth, as materials are sourced locally to avoid shipping to another manufacturer and increasing carbon emissions. Our Hong Kong facility is SGS, CNAS, Intertek and BSCI certified, covering everything from source materials, manufacturing quality, labour and working conditions. 

Now you know the facts, grab a coffee and take a tour of our Portugal factory…




Did you know that all of our tags are plantable? Each tag is filled with seasonal seeds, meaning you’ll get different plant with each tag you grow, and is bound with hemp twine making it fully biodegradable. Just pop your tag in some soil, add water and watch it grow! Whether it's a herb, flower or a spice, it’s bound to brighten up your day.

Oh, and all our packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable too, so there’s no nasty waste heading to landfill. 


  • Using recycled cotton in our joggers and hoodies saves the planet from the harmful chemicals associated with growing more cotton, whilst also keeping textile waste away from landfill. Our seamless activewear is made from 92% recycled raw materials. 
  • TALA saves 4,817 litres of water per tonne of recycled cotton used compared to newly grown cotton.
  • We create our hoodies and joggers using Recovertex yarn, which saved over 3,213 tones of toxic chemicals in 2018 compared with conventional cotton yarn. 
  • TALA hoodies and joggers are created using a combination of recycled cotton and recycled RPET water bottles, actively preventing non-biodegradable products from contributing to landfill waste or water contamination.


We’re on a mission to create 100% recycled and upcycled sustainable styles that are accessible to everyone, and we’re also working on exciting new projects, such as how we can recycle your returns into fab new pieces. We won’t stop until we get there!